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Many Have Sight, but Few Have 2020 Vision4 min read

We have stepped into a new decade, but perhaps you find it hard to have this 20/20 vision for certain aspects of your life.

Many Have Sight, but Few Have 2020 Vision4 min read

If you have an eye exam and are told that you have 20/20 vision, you are elated, because it is regarded as a perfect vision. You even feel confident to start testing your eyesight as you walk down the street, boasting to your friends and loved ones about how far you can see.

We have stepped into a new decade, but perhaps you find it hard to have this 20/20 perfect vision for certain aspects of your life because of the ever-increasing problems you are facing. Or maybe the last few years have been so bad that you no longer believe that things can get better any time soon. The stories you will read below are of families that were faced with terrible circumstances, but above all, they learned that God could perfect their vision and goals for their lives and take away all negativity and problems.

If you are facing something that is stealing your perfect vision for the future, let God help you. Visit The Universal Church near you this Sunday and find out how. Feel free to call for more information: 1-888-332-4141. You can also send a text message to 1-888-312-4141.

Our Future Was Almost Stolen by Poor Health and Death

Many Have Sight, but Few Have 2020 Vision“At 26 weeks of pregnancy, I felt abdominal pains. I started vomiting a lot and ended up being hospitalized. According to doctors, I fell into a coma and underwent a cesarean, with the baby born weighing only 970 grams. I was transferred to ICU with postpartum preeclampsia which triggered Hughes syndrome, a disorder of the immune system that causes an increased risk of blood clots. I was there for about a week with no guarantees for either me or my son, who was born with a form of chronic lung disease. He could not breathe alone. After ICU I remained in the hospital for 3 months. This is not the 20/20 vision that God promises for our life and so one Sunday I asked the nurses for permission and I left with a family member, and the catheters stuck in my hands. Swollen and bruised, and I went to the Universal Church to fight for the life that God promised. The very next day, the will of the Lord Jesus was fulfilled, for my boy was removed from the breathing machine. Today Samuel is 13 years old, he runs, jumps and plays sports. That is, because of the perfect and complete vision that God has blessed us with, today he is a blessed young man with perfect health.” – Maria’s story

I Was Living on the Streets With My Kids

Many Have Sight, but Few Have 2020 Vision“I had many health problems, such as hepatitis and fibroids, as well as financial problems, which led me to live a life without direction or hope for the future. We had no place to live and were living at a friend’s house. I hit rock bottom when my marriage fell apart and I was left alone without a husband and on the streets with my children. But when I came to the Universal Church, I learned that it is possible to envision a happy future and that with God, I can have much more than I had lost. Through my practical faith, I have achieved a total and perfect transformation in my life. Today I have a happy marriage, I was healed of all health problems and my financial life was restored. Now I have a home where I live happily with my family. I have the peace and joy that I have always dreamed about.” – Joana’s story

I lost my girls to drugs and violence but refused to give up on their future

Many Have Sight, but Few Have 2020 Vision“My daughters used to be very good, but as they grew up, they both decided to live a life of drugs and violence. My eldest was in a very abusive relationship. Her partner abused and betrayed her constantly. My youngest witnessed her sister’s situation, but she herself was addicted to drugs. Neither had any perspective of a happy future. However, I refused to give up because I knew that God can perfect our goals and plans, so I kept on praying and using my faith at The Universal Church. I did not let go of my vision for our family and God did not fail in blessing us. Today, I have my daughters back home with me. They have left behind that life of drugs, abuse, and all other negative actions. We are closer than ever and living very well together.” – Ligia’s story

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