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The secret of Faith1 min read

The secret of Faith1 min read

Many have asked: what is the secret of faith?

Any conqueror always has a person of reference. Whether it’s in science, art, sports, business, politics or any other area of ​​life.

The secret of faith is to have your life founded upon the Word of God, imitating the actions of the heroes of faith from the Bible. If their acts of faith and courage brought answers, our acts of faith and courage will also bring benefits.

I look to Isaac, Israel, Moses, Joshua, Gideon, Jephthah, David, and all the other men of God, especially Abraham, as a reference. No wonder the Lord Himself commands us to look to Abraham. This is, follow his example of faith, obedience, and courage. (Isaiah 51.2)

What did they have in common? Enemies, persecutions, injustices and very complicated situations.

What did they do to overcome all the difficulties? They sacrificed. This was their secret. They sacrificed their dreams, their personal projects, and their lives for the sake of a personal conviction. Only the brave have faith to sacrifice, because the same power of faith to give is the power of faith to receive. This is the secret of faith.

They sacrificed for Him, in whom they believed. For this reason, they learned the secret of faith from the Spirit of God.

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