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Failure is not an option3 min read

Mount Sinai

I have gone from not being able to afford a meal to obtaining an 80 million-dollar contract. 

I grew up in a poor household where we depended on others to eat. We would only eat one meal a day. My mother was ill, and my father worked very hard. Yet, our finances were terrible. I remember my mother going out to sell her belongings on the street and getting robbed. 

JoaquimThis was painful because we depended on that money to eat. Somebody invited me to the Universal Church, and although I only had one pair of jeans which I wore for a whole year, I still went determined to change my life. 

Through faith, I did see changes. As I grew up, I continued in the faith, I opened a business and even got married. However, there came a time when we relocated, and things went wrong. We lost the company, and I became very depressed. I then decided to accept the Challenge of Faith – even though I had bills to pay! 

I made my vow on the altar, trusting that my answer would come from the altar. It was difficult for my family and me. My sister also suffered because I was her sponsor and was expected to pay her school fees. But I needed an answer from God and so decided to go all out with my vow. 

After joining this Challenge of Faith, God answered me immediately!

I retrieved an 80-million-dollar project that I had lost. My relationship with my wife is better than before, all my bills are paid, our cars are paid off, as well as my sister’s school fees. I am no longer depressed, and most importantly, I have the Holy Spirit. Joaquim 

In life you have two choices when it comes to challenges, facing adversity or bad news; give up, or fight with all your might. There’s no doubt as to which way is the easiest. In short, giving up brings immediate relief, an end to pressure, and it gives you the rest you so desire. But in the long run, all that turns into bitterness, a sense of failure, and disbelief in yourself.

Greatest Enemy

Thoughtful manFighting to the last drop of blood is painful. Your greatest enemy is not even the problem itself. It’s that constant voice in your head: “Give up, there’s no way; it’s not worth it.” But the good news is that, in the long run, the pain turns into satisfaction and then the voice changes: “You did it. You can do more.” You don’t choose a problem, but you choose whether to fight or give up; that choice is exclusively yours.

Deciding to fight and overcome your problems can be pretty daunting, especially when all the odds are stacked against you. That is where Sinai comes in! Climbing Sinai is the way to solve your problems because when you join the Challenge of Faith, you are working in partnership with God to declare war against your problems. You are provoking God to look at your situation and fight on your behalf. And with God in your corner, failure is not an option.



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