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What To Believe2 min read

Throughout the years the expansion of many denominations has spurred. There are numerous of religious organizations around the world. Every denomination has its own practices and rituals. Many churches even have similar names that tend to confuse people. This is the case between The Universal Church and The Universal Life Church. It’s pretty obvious the names are very similar but in reality both have different beliefs. Let’s take a quick look:

What’s the Difference?

The Universal Life Church is a nondenominational church and well known for its freedom of religion. It’s based on the belief that “we are all children of the same universe” despite differences that may exist. The Universal Life Church principle is to “Do that which is right”. They believe people should have the freedom to take control of their own spiritual life and practice or preach according to their own choice. As such, the Universal Life Church legit offers ordination through an online training to become a minister. Regardless of someone’s’ religion, race, age, or sexual orientation. On the other hand, The Universal Church has a very different belief. UCKG believes in One God only, existing in three persons – Father, Son, and Holy Spirit. Congregants live by the standards of righteousness according to the Word of God. The UCKG also teaches its members of a supernatural faith; an intelligent faith in order to see the power of God, awakening them to believe in the promises of God. Life changing miracles such as healing of the sick, deliverance of the oppressed and restoration in families. The Universal Church believes that the baptism of the Holy Spirt gives the person the anointing and authority to serve God, as well as gives strength in the walk of faith. There a person receives spiritual orientation believing anyone can change their lives for the better.

What To Believe

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