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The Work of God2 min read

When someone thinks of churches we can quickly associate it with its clergy; people that have the inner calling to serve God and spiritual leaders that have the desire to help the needy. They preach, conduct baptisms, weddings and funerals. However, in order to serve they must have authorization from their respective denomination to do so. Candidates must meet certain requirements or trainings for them to serve. All religious’ organizations have their own ordination procedure. Some congregations, such as The Universal Life Church, a person can get ordained online. This allows anyone who wishes to become a minister to be easily ordinated. The Universal Life Church ordination training is approximately three months or less. The ULC believes if a person wants to become a minister, the person should exercise it because it’s a human‘s right regardless of a person’s spiritual condition or demographic background.

What Does the Bible Say?

On the contrary, The Universal Church believes in divine ordination as it’s taught in the Bible. God enabled for prophets and disciples to do His work on earth. The UCKG strongly believes that whoever has the desire to serve God must be spirituality good. The person first needs to have their encounter with God, get baptized and gone through a transformation and last but not least receive the Holy Spirit. The Spirit of God inside the person gives the person anointing and authority in the name of Jesus to pray for the sick, free the oppressed and guide people towards salvation. The Holy Spirit gives conditions for a person to do the work of God. His spirit enables him or her to fight in the spiritual realm just as it reads in Acts 1:8

“But you shall receive power when the Holy Spirit comes upon you”.

n order for Bishops and Pastors to fulfill this mission, they leave behind their respective dreams and lives to completely dedicate themselves serving God. Making it possible to reach out to the needy and lead them towards salvation.

The Work of God

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