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Who says inmates can’t get second chances?2 min read

Who says inmates can’t get second chances?2 min read

Locked up in a cell, alone with no hope for the future, many inmates feel the sense of hopelessness, depression and anxiety. This was no different for Samantha, who was incarcerated serving 3 years behind bars. The weight of her sentence took a big toll on her, her family members and friends. She began to lose all of her self-esteem, morals and love for life. Hitting her absolute rock bottom, Samantha comtemplated suicide. Thinking of different ways to put an end to the void and pain, she felt that she had no more reasons to live. She lost herself. She lost her self worth and her identity.

Who says inmates can’t get second chances?This is when she was introduced to the UBB (Universal Beyond Bars), and things started to take a turn for the better in her life.Samantha: I was locked up for 3 years, and I’d seen it all inside those prison walls. When you’re in there, you are alone. People don’t have any support system in prison, but when the UBB came, they helped me out a lot. Perhaps you are reading about Samantha’s story and you can’t help but think 

About your family members who are currently locked up. Know that there is hope for them, the same way there was hopeWho says inmates can’t get second chances? for Samantha.

Samantha: “The UBB had different courses that I participated in while I was locked up. I was able to find my self-worth again, and through the support and care of the UBB, my life is blessed today. I no longer have those suicidal thoughts or depression.”

On Thursday, October 10th 2019, Samantha was officially released from prison. She did not waste any time to surrender her life to God 100%. So much so, that she got baptised in the waters that same week on Sunday October 13th. She decided to leave the old life behind, and give God the total control of her life moving forward. She is hopeful for the future and knows thatGod is taking care ofher life now!

Who says inmates can’t get second chances?

“It only takes a simple letter to help someone inside prison, and the support and care of the UBB team helped me out a lot!” -Samantha

Picture of Samantha receiving the prayer on the Altar of the Church – freed inmate, member of the UBBLocked 

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