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Live with purpose3 min read

Live with purpose

People make so many plans for the future, invest heavily in tomorrow, and project dreams and goals as if they are in control of their lives. Many do not consider that today we are well and tomorrow we may not be, because, although it seems that we own ourselves, we do not even have autonomy over what is most important: the day we will leave this world.

Anyone who has unexpectedly lost a family member or friend knows well about the brevity of life and how much it can surprise us. I think the cemetery is the place that best exemplifies this, because many there thought they were so healthy to die, so indispensable in their family and work to be absent for a single day. Others had friendships so connected that they thought they were inseparable companions.

How much illusion, isn’t it? Death equals all men, but the way we choose to live will separate us forever. So why not reflect on how much longer we will live in this world?

How many more summers or winters will we contemplate?

What is the day we will say goodbye to a loved one and we will not see him or her again?

What will be our last day of life?

There are those who think about this, and then decide to enjoy life in order to enjoy the fun and pleasures to the fullest. For remembering the ephemerality of life makes most human beings focus and cling to what is earthly and not heavenly. But according to the Holy Scriptures, what makes the high privilege of living worthwhile is not to fulfill our wills, but to live to please God, for surely we will meet with Him to account for each day we have been given. granted. You live well when you live for the glory of God.

“Therefore, whether you eat, drink, or do anything else, do it for the glory of God.” 1Co 10.31

I will further explain this biblical teaching. Everything we think, do, or desire to be or have must honor our Lord. If in what is most trivial and what we do so often, such as eating and drinking, we need to glorify God, let alone the other questions of life.

We have to keep in mind that from the most insignificant, even the most important, attitudes, everything must promote goodness, honesty, good conscience, character, justice… in short, give praise to the One to whom He belongs. Earth and everything on it, including us.

Therefore, the legislation in force in the Divine Law is that if our action, however small, does not build, encourage, or bless another, then it must be completely rejected.

This life is not everything, but the next, yes. In the future, suffering or rest will be eternal. If here everything is fleeting and fleeting, there will be permanent forever.

Let us all learn to live for the purpose of honoring God, because that will define the entrance into a future that will really be ours forever.

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