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How to be affectionate1 min read

How to be affectionate

We live in a difficult time to find affection, grace, sweetness, and femininity. With all kinds of movements and flags for equality between men and women, today we no longer find what they had so distinct from each other. The woman didn’t need to learn to be affectionate, she was already affectionate by nature, just as she was graceful, sweet and feminine. Yet here we are, teaching this generation that has been brainwashed so much that it has been nullified between her.

“Give your family a kiss each day before you leave and when you get home.” Affection speaks how much you need!

“Say good morning, good afternoon, and goodnight when you arrive in public places, preferably with a smile on your lips. Education speaks how much you care!

“Be careful about everything you do in the day, even when you make your bed in the morning. Caprice speaks how much you love!

“Do something you know will please that person you love so much, be it a special meal, a gift you know she needs, or simply an initiative to help her with something you know she will appreciate.

–Take “I love you”, not by zap, not by text, but personally to your parents, your husband, and your children.

These are 5 simple examples that if you start practicing you will know how good it is to be a caring woman.

In faith.

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