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Learn how to write!3 min read

Learn how to write

Many people have difficulty writing, and this is normal, as we have different skills in this world. However, if we do not have the ability to put our ideas and opinions into a text, this cannot be a justification for ceasing to be the writers of our soul. Because this is the challenge God proposes: that we begin to write His Teachings within us.

This book is unique, can only be written by us, so it is a personal and non-transferable task, because for its construction are not used sheets of paper, but the tablets of our heart.

Just as God once wrote the first tablets of the Law and gave them to Moses, so today He wants us to record His instructions of life within us so that His guidance will not be lost.

When the Word does not abide in man, he yields to the tempting proposals of sin that come all the time. Then king David said at one point, “I have hidden your word in my heart, that I might not sin against you.” (Psalm 119.11)

The heart that has not recorded God’s Word lives governed by the feelings, emotions, and various pains that life imposes. In this way, sometimes its owner will feel strong and excited, sometimes weak and discouraged, sometimes understood and loved, but sometimes misunderstood and harmed… Precisely because the heart beats and oscillates multiple sensations all the time.

And it was because they had forgotten the Word of God that the people of Judah were delivered into captivity in Babylon. Although, the prophets warned so often about the spiritual decay of the time.

“The sin of Judah is written with a diamond-tipped iron pointer engraved on the tablet of his heart and on the tips of his altars.” (Jeremiah 17.1)

The inclination to betray, deceive, lie, or prostitute was so deeply ingrained in people that God said these desires were written with a diamond-tipped iron pen.

What a hard heart they had, didn’t they? This is because these materials cited in the text are used to work on the hardest surfaces that exist.

Therefore, the problem of sin and the desire to do what is bad are not simply a failure or a weakness, as some people think.

Sin is a state of rebellion against God. It consists in the refusal of the human being to live submissive to the Will of its Creator. It is a subversive behavior to the laws that were established by him.

We can say that sin has disastrous consequences for those who commit it, and it also leaves marks on the soul that only the Blood of the Lord Jesus can erase.

See, then, that our life is our book, and we are all building our eternal biography, just as men and women of the Bible did in the past. Each day can be a well-written and readable page for those who want to read and learn, but it can also have a record of shame and disobedience. Each decides for himself.

But we must not forget: one day in eternity (soon!) God will read aloud the story we have written for all to hear.

Think, then, with fear and trembling, of this end result that the Almighty will give to our biography through the record we have made.

See you next week!

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