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Love and Fashion1 min read

Love and Fashion

I COME from a place and a time where people used things until they were completely worn out. Everything was expensive, rare and acquired with difficulty. Because of that, things were well taken care of and much valued. Nowadays, people use them only while that FASHION TREND lasts, which is a small fraction of what things can actually last for. (This occurred to me the other day when someone pointed at my perfectly conditioned shoes and said, “These are no longer used.”)

Unfortunately, people have been applying these same principles to their relationships. “Well, move on! Love is eternal while it lasts.” Their lack of a sense of self-value has spared them from the effort of conquering. So, dumping someone and finding someone else is equally easy. This too has become a trend.

Note that fashion is what other people – not you – declare is in. If you truly want to be happy, then think about what works for you, and not about what others are doing.

Value yourself. And acknowledge the value of the person who is by your side.

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