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Love and Control1 min read

Love and Control

Love cannot thrive in an environment of control. Few things bring more stress into a relationship than one’s attempts to have control over their partner.

Love should be given and shown freely, not by pressure. If it’s done by pressure, then it’s not out of one’s free will; therefore, it’s not love.

Only when there’s freedom, can we give and receive love. When you’re free to be with other people but chose to be with your partner, he or she knows you truly love them.

Love and control don’t play well together. To love is to set limits to your freedom, out of your own free will, for the sake of the person you love.

If you’re the kind of person who likes to control your partner, you should stop it right now. Set your boundaries clearly and let your partner know the consequences of not respecting them, but never impose your will on them. It’s like the posted speed limit on a freeway: it’s there, but you can ignore it if you want – subject to persecution by law. Just set the limits and make the consequences of ignoring these limits clear; then, stick to them.

If your partner is controlling, it’s probably because they have issues with insecurity. Try helping him or her by reassuring your love and feelings for them through words and actions. In doing so, you’ll be able to resist when the urge to control them strikes.

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