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Change your words and your life will change4 min read


How many times we say what we shouldn’t say. We say nonsense, criticize, gossip, or say something behind the other persons back? We say negative things. How many times do we treat badly those who we should handle kind? Afterward, we feel bad for doing so, but it is done. 

How many times have we done something we shouldn’t have done?

We promise that we would do something, but we end up doing nothing. In other words, everyone stumbles in many ways. Don’t think that when looking toward your interior, towards your life, towards your behavior, and sometimes you feel like a person that is not qualified, inferior, incapable full of defects, that you are alone. NO. You are merely a human being like everyone else. 

“For we all stumble in many things. If anyone does not stumble in word, he is a perfect man… – James 3: 2

Many times you don’t meet your own standards. Me too, many times, I demand from my requirements. Everyone fails; everyone stumbles. However, the rest of the verse gives us an unexpected solution. A solution that you can’t even imagine. Obviously, no one is perfect, but the intention of the text here is referring to being vigilant about your words and don’t stumble in them, you will reach as much closer as possible to perfection as closely as possible.

Why does it say it this way? 

Because our words have a much higher power than we can imagine. The greatest reason for failure in most people is due to their wrong way of thinking. Because of this, they have an internal negative dialogue. 

What is this internal dialogue? 

It is that voice that speaks with you all the time, its that voice that says: ” It’s time to wake up, you’re going to arrive late Again, Your hair is horrible”… Usually, this voice always criticizes. It’s a negative voice practically 80% of the time, and in some cases, it’s 100% of the time it’s negative. And only one small part is positive. 

The grand error. 

The responsibility of most failures is this voice. It is the word because there is no point to utter what is not necessary. The word that causes you to stumble. This word can even only be in your mind, in your thoughts. When you think in a wrong way, consequently you will feel wrong. That’s why the word says:

“For we all stumble in many things. If anyone does not stumble in word, he is a perfect man… – James 3: 2

In other words, to dominate all that you do. We need to be vigilant about our confessions, thoughts, what we think about all things. Especially to ourselves because when you sentence yourself, who can free you? If you accept the voice of doubts, your internal voice will throw doubts to all of your thoughts, even your plans. 

How are you going to execute those plans you have been having in mind?

We all stumble in many ways, but we don’t stumble in what we say, we will be perfect and powerful. We have the strength and power to perform what we want. 

You will have to begin to put a guardian, a vigilant on your mouth and thoughts. Be cautious about what you say, what you think. It’s not that you can control if you have a bad thought or now. As I mentioned before, our thoughts end up being negative, but you need to learn how to overcome this battle.

Our battle starts before even going to war, it begins inside of you. You have to reprimand this word. You have to see the words and thoughts that make you stumble and deviate from them. You have to tie them up, change your thoughts, just as those turn the channel. Perhaps you cannot avoid the reason why it’s there. However, you can deviate from it, learn form it. If you stumble, and you see where exactly you fell, avoided it next time. 

Start practicing this and announce the appropriate words. You will speak certainty of the word of God. If you make an error, then admit your mistake right away. Confess, repent and abandon it and say: “I’m going to do it correctly next time.”

Ask for forgiveness to whomever you have to ask for forgiveness. Don’t live in a prison of evil thoughts, free yourself in everything. We all stumble in many ways, but if someone doesn’t stumble in what he says, he is perfect and powerful. 

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