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The Holy Spirit is ONE2 min read

The Holy Spirit is ONE

There are people that go to the doctor and always receive a bad report. Others can’t seem to ever enter into a relationship and make it last. Still others get fired from every job for no apparent reason. And some even say that every single area of their life is messed up. There is absolutely no happiness or fulfillment in their life.

These are signs that there is an evil spirit working in the life of that person. Maybe you ask, “how could he possibly know that?” The answer is, because you know the tree by the fruit.

The Holy Spirit is One. What He comes to do is as clear as crystal. He comes to give life. But evil spirits are many. And they come to do damage and cause destruction to each and every life that they occupy. One day Jesus encountered a man who was possessed by evil spirits and He asked the evil spirit a question…

 “What is your name?”

And he answered, saying, “My name is Legion; for we are many.” Mark 5:9

You see that one of the evil spirits replied, “we are many”. And the truth is that there are many evil spirits in the world causing destruction. But the Holy Spirit is the ONLY spirit that comes to give life. And He is the only spirit that can give you peace, strength, happiness, and assure you of your salvation.

What He needs from you is total surrender. He needs you to give Him all of your life through making a decision to obey Him from now on. That means you will have to give up some people, places and things that you enjoyed in order to please the Holy Spirit. He won’t share your life with the “many” evil spirits that want to control you. So only through a true and firm decision to obey Him, will you be able to receive Him. But once you do, your life will never be the same again. And although He is ONE, you can be sure the He is enough to fulfill your life.

May the God of the Bible bless you

Bishop Bira Fonseca 

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