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Why haven’t I been born of God?1 min read

born of God

No one is more interested in people being born of God than the Holy Spirit. But this cannot be accomplished without the sincere manifestation of the will of man.

The Creator cannot impose His will because He gave free will to His creation.

The problem is that the person manifests their desire on the outside, but on the inside, they aren’t always genuinely willing.

Churches are overflowing with people like this. They express one thing before the Altar, but deep down, they reject it. This is pure hypocrisy! They are true actors. They’re able to play any role. One minute they’re good guys, then the next they’re bad.

This type of character hinders the action of the Holy Spirit. What good is it to accept Jesus, read the Bible, and pray but not truly mean it? Don’t you think God can see your innermost being?

You may even be cunning and hide your real intentions from everyone and everything. Except from the Holy Spirit! There is no hiding anything from Him.

In the face of such transparent hypocrisy, it becomes very difficult to be born of the Spirit of God.

The answer is to open your heart, expose your hidden sins, and forsake them. This is the only way you will be born of God!

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