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5 tips to maintain a healthy relationship3 min read

healthy relationship

Maintaining a healthy relationship is a daily challenge that requires the attitude and interest of the couple. With the day-to-day running and pressures of the modern world, many couples make the mistake of not listening to their partner, jeopardizing their continuity together. Thinking about this, here are 5 tips to maintain a healthy relationship in perfect harmony.

  1. Hearing is different from listening

    The first step to a successful relationship is to learn to listen. However, this is not as simple as it seems. Some couples think that just hearing is enough, but it is not. It is necessary to listen and pay full attention to the couple. When you don’t listen, you hurt your relationship because you won’t know what your partner wants from you or is asking you. We have to learn to listen more.
  2. Recognize that there are different opinions from yours

    It is crucial to understand that people do not always agree and that this is completely normal. When you recognize that the person may have an opinion different from yours, you may have a healthy relationship. It is difficult to accept this and it may seem that you know more than him or her, but this is a fact and against a fact, forget any argument. Accept it, it hurts less.
  3. Have a real interest in understanding and listening without interrupting

    When you can hear and recognize different opinions, you can complete step 3. It is essential to have a real interest in understanding the person you love and listening to what you have to say without interrupting. If you do something else while the person is talking, you will hardly learn something or improve behavior. When a couple talks, they must stop what they are doing to listen and understand each other.
  4. Try to put yourself in the other person’s placeBefore even refuting someone’s argument, it is necessary to try to understand the reasons that led that person to feel upset. When someone puts himself in the place of the other person, he can understand and feel what that person has lived. Putting yourself in the place of the other is part of the effort to understand and listen to the other person. When he adopts this position, he receives the same treatment from the spouse, since it is a matter of respect.
  5. Maintain a positive and open body language and mental disposition

    In addition to interest, it is necessary to maintain a positive and open body language while talking to the person with whom you interact. This is also a way to show that you care what he or she is saying. Looking the other way, frowning, crossing your arms while the other person is talking, fiddling with your cell phone, yawning … are examples of a body language that shows if you are interested in listening and understanding or if you want to be anywhere else that is not Be being there.

But more than any advice, if a couple does not have the wisdom that comes from above in their relationship, bad business … exceptions, different circumstances, different phases, everything can damage the harmony of a marriage when there is no protection from the faith.

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