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I was torn between pleasing God and pleasing women2 min read

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Empty: that’s how Michael can describe life before the Holy Spirit. He tried to find ways to fill it and rid himself of the aching gap within, by indulge in pleasures of the flesh – women and pornography. 

“I tried to take steps towards God, but I gave up at every hurdle. I did not ever think that I was going to have a true relationship with God or be free of my internal problems. 

There were people in my life who were willing to help me, but I still refused to believe that I could see any positive changes. 

The day of my birthday is when the penny dropped. Birthdays tend to do that, make you reflect on how far you have come, and I realized that, without God, I was never going to have the strength to overcome my battles. 

MichaelI took part in the 21-day Fast of Daniel and whilst I was seeking, I wholeheartedly expressed to God how much I needed Him in my life. I surrendered 100% and decided that I would leave behind everything that did not please Him. When the seeking ended and I opened my eyes, I had an incredible, powerful assurance that God was within me. I felt like I had been given a new body. What I had been longing for had finally happened, and I was elated! Through receiving the Holy Spirit, I have gained strength and boldness but, most importantly, I have also gained a firm relationship with God. I do not regret the decision I made to surrender my all to God, because He too gave me His all. The Holy Spirit means everything to me. He is the engine of my faith.” -Michael

The sad results of doing everything to please others.

I thought I would feel loved by pleasing others. I lost sight of who I was. I tried so hard to please others to feel loved and respected, but the reality was that I really didn’t love myself. I was suffering in silence. My lowest point was when I tried to take my life – Rachel

I partied and stole to please friends

I was empty, I felt like an outcast and this mad eme extremely low. I tried smoking cigarettes, weed, and involving myself in multiple relationships; however, these things only filled me temporarily and, in the long run, they made me feel worse. – Sibohan 

I did everything to please my husband. 

The lack of attention made me emotional. Our marriage was not what I had expected. Thing of so bad that he was even abusive toward me. our relationship was falling apart and we even talked about divorce- Priscila & Luciano







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