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How to receive the Holy Spirit3 min read

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First step: Consciousness

Be conscious that no one is baptized with the Holy Spirit because they deserve it. If you think you deserve it, you will never receive it. This baptism has to be sought with all your strength and wholeheartedly through faith in the Lord Jesus Christ. Don’t have bad thoughts about the holy spirit.

Second step: Want

This want is not just a simple desire or a good idea, nor because others have it, but because it is as necessary as Salvation. It is similar to wanting the forgiveness of your sins. It is a burning desire, above any other dream or desire of your heart. More than life, more than marrying someone or achieving many things, more than anything that people or this world can offer. For this reason, the Lord requires you to be thirsty, very thirsty, desperately thirsty. If anyone thirsts… (John 7.37) If there isn’t a deep thirst, it will be difficult.

Third step: Thoughts

Your desire must be accompanied by your thoughts on the Holy Spirit. Your thoughts must be continuously on Him as much as you can, whether it is at home, work, on the street, in the church, or anywhere. Don’t have bad thoughts about the holy spirit. It is like when you are dating. When you are in love, you are always thinking about the one you love, right? The same has to happen with those who are seeking the Divine Seal. The important thing is to keep your mind focused on Him. Needless to say, you should try to isolate yourself from everything that might spoil a good conscious as much as possible. You should avoid bad company and those who are against your faith. Avoid any vulgar distractions, and everything else that disrupts your relationship with the Spirit. It is difficult, but not impossible. Faith requires sacrifices. If we do not measure sacrifices to receive material goods, than we should not do it when it comes to receiving the spiritual. Imagine receiving the plentitude of the Holy Spirit!

Therefore, there has to be a supernatural effort.

In conclusion:

When all of these requirements are met, you do not need to do anything else, nor worry. You just have to wait. You can be baptized any time and in any place: at home, work, on the street, in the church. There is no reason for the Lord Jesus not to baptize you with His Spirit.

Note: During the time you are “occupying your mind” thinking about the Person of the Holy Spirit, the devil is likely to whisper bad thoughts. If this happens, know that this is an excellent sign that you are on the right track. Do not be discouraged. Do not worry. Do not think that you are sinning against Him. Being tempted does not mean you are sinning. You commit sin when you fall into temptation. An unforgivable sin is when you offend or speak against the Holy Spirit.

When bad thoughts come, do not be afraid or act cowardly. Seize the moment and resist the devil by praising the Lord Jesus, whether it is with songs, or words of worship (in a high or low tone, it depends where you are). The important thing is not to fear or be intimidated by bad thoughts. You have to react! React by praising God.

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