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Why so many will never succeed2 min read

will never succeed

At your workplace, are you the solution or the problem?

Many think that their job is to bring every problem to the boss’s attention so that he or she can tell you how to solve it. Understand: Being a problem identifier rather than a solution creator was not the reason why you were hired. Probably the problem was already there and was known before you arrived.

When you see a problem, should you always take it to your boss?

Yes, but only if:

1. You’re sure your boss doesn’t know it yet.

2. You have a solution in mind and are ready to suggest it.

3. You are ready to implement your solution if requested.

You become useless (and annoying) when you point out problems without offering a solution. You become indispensable when you are willing to solve the problems you encounter. If you have sufficient authority to implement your solution without approval, then go ahead. Don’t upset the boss.

If you do not have sufficient authority, then communicate the problem with the proposed solution as objectively as possible. The less time and attention you take from your boss when you need him, the more he will think of you. Within a year or two, your boss will begin to present you with problems you don’t even know about, and ask you to solve them.

When that day comes, virtually no one will be able to stop its rise and prominence in the company.

This brings another important point:

The key to failure is to keep thinking that things “should be” otherwise. The key to success is knowing how to handle things as they really are.

Learn how to handle things as they are. Stop expecting things to be as they should be. Unless, of course, you are willing to dedicate your life to being a reformer. It is a noble attitude, but difficult to monetize.

If you do this, it won’t be long before the company sees you as a problem solver. Recognition and wealth reach problem solvers.

Are you willing to become this person?

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