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Results of Making a Chain of Prayer1 min read

Results of Making a Chain of Prayer1 min read

Results of Making a Chain of Prayer“Depressed, destroyed and suicidal”

From a young age, I saw pain and destruction. Both my parents were drunks and I grew up with depression due to the destruction at home. I wanted to die, I was so confused in life. I thought that dating women would make me happy, but it did not. One day I heard about The Universal Church, and started making my chain of prayer in faith. Today my life is completely transformed. I am free of all depression, suicidal thoughts and oppressions from my past!“ Valdenice


“Plagued by panic attacks…”

“I had the money, the perfect job, and the perfect marriage. I was supposed to be happy, right? This is the question I asked myself over, and over again. Results of Making a Chain of PrayerBecause although I was a well paid lawyer, I was never satisfied and felt like I had no value. My wife constantly demanded more from me, and the pressure of life made me develop panic attacks. I was invited to The Universal Church, make my chains of prayers and saw the power of God transform my entire life!” –Jack Souza


Results of Making a Chain of Prayer“Fake smiles and real pain are gone!”

Valdenice“Anyone who saw me would say that I looked so happy and full of life. But the smile was a mask, hid-ing how I really felt inside – total emptiness. My life seemed to have no real meaning, partying and living the fast life, but nev-er truly finding real joy and peace. All of this changed when I came to The Universal Church. Through my chains of prayers, today I have real joy and peace!” – Jacqueline“



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