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Where can you find justice?1 min read

Where can you find justice?

As it happens in movies, so it happens in real life… when a person is being robbed, or abused or taken advantage of, the first thing they do is scream for help. The person will shout at the top of their lungs, “HELP ME, HELP ME PLEASE”, hoping to find someone strong enough to come to their rescue.

But when the human help is no where to be found, where do you turn for justice then?

Most have not found help through human hands. Most have tried everything known to man to solve the problem and nothing is working. And now they are stuck to ask, “where can I find justice”? Job felt this way when he said,

Oh, that I knew where I might find Him,
That I might come to His seat!
I would present my case before Him,
And fill my mouth with arguments. Job 23:3-4

He did not know where to find the seat of God. He did not know where to find justice. But I can tell you exactly where to find His seat. On September 15th you can find justice at the altar of The Universal Church. God’s courtroom is the sanctuary and God’s tribunal is the altar.

Come to the altar with your problems, with your case, with your injustice… and God will come to perform great justice in your life.

Just make sure that when you come, you bring your evidence. The evidence of your faith is your righteous offering. Present it before the Lord and fight for justice and you will receive it.

May the God of the Bible bless you

Bishop Bira Fonseca 

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