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What have you been singing lately?2 min read


Live the full power of gospel music and build your faith with UCKG music. 

For some years now, we have heard scientists say that music has great emotional power in people. Based on this information, mothers place their favorite melodies for their babies to hear in their wombs. Gyms encourage students to train more to the sound of lively rhythms. Bars and nightclubs found that the more music, the more hours consumed; the artists found that the more emotional appeal, the more successful; and there is no shortage of examples of how it has been extensively explored.

The music has been known to man for a long time, as instruments were played in battles, celebrations, solemnities and parties. Here are some examples:

After crossing the Red Sea and overcoming Pharaoh’s army, the Hebrews sang and danced with their tambourines;

– King David played the harp to relieve the torment of Saul’s soul. He also sang and prayed, so that his praises became teachings and are valuable to this day;

– Another interesting biblical example of music occurred in a battle, for as enemies fought against Judah, King Jehoshaphat and the people worshiped God with songs.

Then we realized how much we are all birth musicals, and we hardly spend the day without humming or whistling anything. Music immortalizes a message, fixes an idea, transports the mind, calms, inspires decisions, arouses feelings…

As soon as I arrived at the Church, I remember memorizing precious passages of the Bible and being moved to prayer because of the repertoire of our hymnal. I spent almost a month singing an old hymn “I love you” to declare my love to the Lord Jesus and receive the Holy Spirit.

Have you noticed that every phase of our life has a branded song? She is so precious that we will continue to have her in heaven, but those who go to hell will lose that pleasure.

Thus we understand that sound generates an energy that can put the human being in a state of tranquility or can stir up an inner war.
In using music, the devil has commanded millions of minds of all ages as he pleases. Just as it can generate stillness and well-being it can depress and influence evil. Those who want to stay well spiritually need to watch over their words, thoughts, and also ears regarding musical taste.

So in this age of headphones, where millions of people spend hours listening to music, you can be sure that even without realizing it, some music influences them in some way.

To conclude, just one more reflection: we could have today the highest quality music of all rhythms, expressing our faith and values.

The fountain that has gushed in the past continues to gush to inspire our composers. Perhaps Christians who are disinterested in fame or money and who have only one interest are in short order: to promote the Kingdom of God?

Live the Truth and enjoy UCKG music.

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