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The Difference Between Faith and Positive Thinking2 min read

Faith and Positive Thinking

The words we speak have the power to define our path in this world. While much has been taught about the ability of speech to help or hinder us, not a few ignore it and are harmed by letting their tongues loose to curse themselves and those around them.

I realize this teaching even in God Himself, as He changed the names of the people He would use for His purposes. He did this in order to point to building a new identity and receiving a mission given by Him.

For example, the name Abram means “high father,” but the Most High has changed to Abraham, which means “father of multitudes, of nations.” Sarai, his wife, had the name associated with sterility. But it was called by the Almighty of Sarah, the “fertile.”

It also happened to Jacob, which means “heel-holding, deceiver” and was moved to Israel, which means “prince of God, conqueror.”

The Lord Jesus Himself immediately changed Peter’s name when Peter was brought to Him by his brother Andrew.

The Savior attributed to that volatile, unstable, weak, and covetous fisherman the name of Cephas, Aramaic word meaning “stone.” Just the opposite of what Peter was.

But this was a declaration of faith from the Lord Jesus as to the man who would change in the future.

By this He determined that His disciple would become firm and strong, a true pillar for the Early Church.

Imagine how many “blunders” that denoted weakness, impulsiveness, and instability Peter committed during the three years side by side with the Lord Jesus! Not even so did the Messiah give up on calling him a “stone.” That is, our Master has given us the example that words coupled with faith can determine which people, circumstances, and places will change.

It is also worth remembering that this is not a belief in positive thinking, the result of philosophical movements of the nineteenth century, called positivism, in which it is enough for man to believe in himself and think what is good for his life to be a success. We are talking about faith in God, associated with the confession of this belief. That is, because I believe in Him, I determine, profess, and expect the fulfillment of His Word.

“Death and life are in the power of the tongue; and he that loveth her shall eat of her fruit. ”Proverbs 18:21

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