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I am what I am1 min read

I am what I am

Sincere people are as hard to find as pink diamonds. It’s much easier to find phonies, flatterers, people who worry about what others think of them, those who seek to impress, or folks who hide what they really think.

But you could be mistaken to think for a minute that those people are necessarily evil. Of course there are professional hypocrites, those who are social chameleons, always blending in with people and environments in order to get what they want. As for these, I don’t think any word I write here can help them. They are really evil. Run from them.

However, there are a lot of good people who never learned sincerity. They just don’t know how to be sincere. Remember, sincerity is very rare. Therefore, how can kids and teens learn sincerity while growing around people who do not practice it?

The problem is that the lack of sincerity breeds other evils, such as: loss of reputation, lies, pride, no credibility, deception, insecurity, lack of self-confidence, loss of friendships and relationships, shyness, dissatisfaction with yourself, weak personality, a need to please others and a lot more.

I love the way God identifies Himself to Moses when asked about His name: “I AM WHO I AM.” (Exodus 3.14)

God is what He is! You can be sure that He neither wears a mask nor makeup. He doesn’t talk like a politician or a typical religious leader at all. He is what He is. And those who like it, good for them. Those who don’t, let them become atheists.

One thing is for sure: God is not going to change what He is to please everybody.

Neither should you.

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