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40 THOUGHTS OF JESUS2 min read

40 THOUGHTS OF JESUS2 min read

Before you start reading the Thoughts, understand how the 40-day challenge works.

Of all the great men in the history of humankind, He was the one who had most impact. Nobody has revolutionized the world like Him. Two thousand years have passed and He is still the greatest influence wherever His teachings are present. And unlike any other great leader, no one ever managed to find fault with Him.

Jesus’ public work lasted for only three and a half years. And of course, there was no Internet, the press, television, radio… therefore, it was not a result of religious propaganda. There was no brainwashing. As a matter of fact, the political machine of the Roman Empire and the Jewish religious leaders tried for years to erase His name and exterminate His followers — but they failed. What was so special about that Jesus, after all? What was that power contained in His teachings? What was there in His words that could radically change people? What kinds of ideas led them to a conviction so great that they would die for Him?

One thing is certain: when the thoughts of Jesus find a place in the minds of His hearers, amazing things happen. Miracles. Repentance. Strength. Inner peace. Family unity. Life transformation. Deliverance from evil forces. Joy instead of depression. The unlikely happens. The impossible is challenged.

Anyone who wants to become a better person, develop their intelligence, find strength and unleash miraculous changes in their life should absorb the thoughts of Jesus.

And this what I invite you to do with me for 40 days starting NOW — or whenever you want.

Every day I’ll post a Thought of Jesus here on the blog, followed by a brief meditation on that thought. Why He said that, its implication for your life, how you can apply that teaching to daily life, how to draw power from those words… Secrets hidden between the lines of the Gospels. Pearls waiting to be discovered. New revelations from ancient scriptures that have long been memorized. It will be a revolutionary experience.

But I must warn you: your mind will never be the same again! And you know what happens when we change our mind: we change our lives. So before you begin, make sure that this is what you want.

Do you really want to participate? Then see if you are willing to meet the requirements for this challenge:

Every day for 40 days, without fail, you will take a few minutes to visit our website and meditate on the reading. Meditate on it and consider what you’ve read.

It will be an unforgettable journey into the mind of the Creator!


The Universal Church
  • Bishop Renato Cardoso 

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