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All it takes is a text1 min read

All it takes is a text

It’s difficult for someone with depression or suicidal thoughts to speak to someone. Perhaps even calling someone for help is out of the question. Many times they know they need to speak to someone but making the call is just something they will not do. Therefore advising them to reach out, in some cases, is no help.

All it takes is a text

All it takes is a text

Reasons why many people don’t seek help:

1) Stigma They are unsure of themselves and afraid of being stigmatized if they admit they need help.

2) “I don’t need it” Once something feels off, they find multiple reasons why not no seek help, especially if it’s something they’ve been having for many years and seems normal.

3) The “Impossible tasks.”  Under normal circumstances its a regular task, but for someone who had depression, it’s challenging. 

For example, a person with social anxiety can find it intimidating seeking a therapist, and speaking to them. If you know someone who has been through major depression, then you’ve seen the difficulty of taking the initiative for day-to-day tasks. 

3) Availability Able to find a professional near your area or people are having difficulty paying for treatments or sessions.

4) Fear of treatment Skeptical and the fear of being vulnerable when telling a stranger their problems. 

If this is you, send us a text message, and you will receive a response. Perhaps a call is too much, but don’t give up just yet. Help is only one text message away. 

No judgments, no compromises, free and confidential support.

SMS Help

SMS Help


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