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‘I don’t!’2 min read

'I don't!'

The future of marriage is looking bleak with more and more millennials deciding to postpone or even skip the ‘walking down the altar’ phase in their life.

Fear of divorce, not finding ‘the one’ and financial instability are some of the reasons millennials are giving; and as a result, they are fueling a declining divorce rate. With each passing day, people are losing faith in one another. They’ve been finding it hard to believe and to trust someone. And rightly so. With so many disappointments, cheating, divorce and shamelessness we’ve seen around, our first reaction is to be suspicious of whom we do not know.

Singles who want to overcome loneliness and be in a successful marriage needent fear, they must know that it is possible and worth the investment.

Get to know the other person: – REALLY! – Not through Facebook or via text. You must know, through reliable sources and means, that the person is worthy of building a future with.

Get to know yourself: Are you a trustworthy person? If a potential candidate would search through your life would he or she be able to trust you? What kind of references would your friends, relatives and colleagues give about you?

If you view marriage in this way and of course take it to the Lord in prayer, then you have nothing to fear!

I suffered abuse so gave up on love!

I thought I had fallen in love with the man of my dreams. I didn’t want to hear what people had to say about it. I loved him and that was all that mattered. Little did I know that my ‘prince’ would become my worst nightmare. He cheated on me several times and even had a child out of our relationship. 

'I don't!'He humiliated me and said that I would never be happy with anyone else. I suffered mental abuse. I lost my self-esteem, I felt very empty and only saw a worthless person when I looked in the mirror. 

At the Universal Church, I received the help I really needed. I began to believe in myself again. I left that abusive relationship and gradually escaped all bad influences. I became a confident person and learned to value and take care of myself. I also started to believe in love again.

I met my husband through mutual friends and after a year of dating we got married. Today our marriage is a blessing, we respect and love each other. All is well because God is the basis of our relationship. – Elsa


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