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Risking being in a wheelchair for life2 min read


I suffered from herniated disks and my disks were worn, which made me suffer a lot of pain and could not even work.

A herniated disk can irritate nearby nerves and result in pain, numbness or weakness in arm and legs. Emergency surgery may be required to avoid permanent weakness or paralysis.

One time I went to the doctor, he even told me that I was subject to being in a wheelchair all my life. He also told me that I needed surgery, but that he could not give me the assurance that I would be all right.

Leonor MachadoApart from back problems, I couldn’t sleep at night, my blood pressure was always high and I had a lot of headaches, which meant I had to take many pills a day.

She was a sad, anguished person with no expression of joy and emptiness. She felt like she had a huge hole in her chest, and to try to fill that void, she went to parties and clubs. I tried various places but nothing filled that void. My despair was so great not only because of health problems but also family problems that I sought the help of witch doctors. I paid a lot of money, but nothing, no one could solve my problems.

When I first came to Universal Church and attended a meeting, the first sign of God in my life was that from that day I was able to sleep. Since that day, I started attending meetings and using my faith, including the Campaign of Israel. At the time, I was down at work, and when the Campaign came about, I threw myself at the altar. I didn’t buy the medicine I needed and I was dependent on God, but I soon began to see the results.

Today I am cured of all illnesses, I have no insomnia, no depression, and I am completely free from everything that disturbed me. I am filled with peace and joy. I no longer feel alone because I know God is with me at all times. Now I can say that I am happy and fulfilled.

– Leonor Machado

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