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A support system1 min read

A support system1 min read

Family and friends can be a significant force of care for someone with depression. The atmosphere they create around the one who is depressed can bring comfort and care. Your role is to support and help them manage their day-today-struggles. If you have a loved one who has depression, you know the effect it can also bring to the whole family.

Although you are there for the person, it may bring a burden of stress if you’re not prepared. You touch base and encourage them to get out of their state of mind slowly. After all, you’re doing your best with no expertise, just genuine care for the well being of that friend or loved one.

It is essential to maintain communication:

• When is the person most likely to be attentive?
• Where is he or she most comfortable and at ease?
• Where is there a place you both feel safe and will not be interrupted?
• But what happens when you see if yourself in the same situation?

For you to start taking care of someone, be prepared to strengthen yourself as well. People who have suicidal thoughts or depression need someone who is emotionally well. Being a constant support system can be overwhelming and also cause a person to develop a mental condition themselves. Sometimes people give up their life to care for others. Look after yourself and don’t be too hard on yourself.

If you’re planning to help someone with depression but don’t know where to start, visit The Universal Church. You will receive additional tips and advice on how to be a better support system for that person. However, your emotional stability matters as much as the person you want to help.

*Source communication tips: BeyondBlue

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