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You made a mistake, now what?2 min read

Now you have to reap the consequences of your mistakes

You made a mistake, now what?2 min read

Now you will have to reap the consequences of your mistakes. This is a fact. Do not want to evade it by asking for forgiveness, crying, begging for those who suffered from your mistake, that everything return to what it was before. Nor is it like this with God.

In the Bible we see several examples of this. When Moses touched the stone twice showing his unbelief toward God, he was severely punished by God and could not enter the Promised Land. Even after apologizing, and being so faithful to Him for all the years he spent in the wilderness, sacrificing, tolerating the people, and doing God’s will.

But had not God forgiven Moses? Yes, so what?

Forgiveness does not mean exemption from consequences. Moses still asked God one last time to let him into the Promised Land, and God said no, but let him see from afar.

When you ask for forgiveness for your mistake, you are ending it, that’s all. The person who does not ask for forgiveness continues his mistake, which is why he does not dissolve over time, as he wants so much. She asks God for forgiveness and thinks that everything will be resolved, since she “repented” before God, but not. The mistake has been made against someone, and until you reach out to them and ask them to forgive them, they will not cease.

After asking for forgiveness, then, come the consequences of your mistake. Did you cheat or lie? Now you have to deal with mistrust and work to conquer it again, which may take a long time.

Note that forgiveness is extremely important to put an end to your mistake, but it alone is not enough. And don’t think that time is enough either because as long as you don’t understand what made you go wrong, the doubt about your true change will remain on the agenda.

After forgiveness, look for where and when you started to go wrong. No one makes a mistake out of nothing, there is a protocol to sin. It begins in the mind through an idea, a thought, a comment, which gives way to other thoughts and other ideas, which make room for certain “new” behaviors and habits that ultimately reach sin.

Have you been forgiven? Now go back and see where the seed that gave life to sin was born and where it is now, and put an end to it.

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