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Police and Prisoners, battling the same fight.2 min read

Police and Prisoners, battling the same fight.2 min read

Suicide rates in correctional facilities are 3 to 9 times higher than outside of them, but Inmates are not the only ones who are ending it all.

A report by PoliceOne Staff state a more significant number of officers died by suicide than in the line of duty in 2018. The reason behind their choice is very similar to detainees; shame and fear. On there are 111 verified suicides to date among officers since the beginning of 2019.

Police and Prisoners, battling the same fight.

Warning signs

• Neglects personal welfare
• Withdraws from friends and family
• Loses interest in hobbies or passions
• Changes in mood, often in sadness

These signs appear in many individuals before they commit suicide. Unfortunately, police officers tend to be more withdrawn by nature, making it harder for friends and family to identify any problems.

Demographics behind the issue:

91% of suicides were by male officers
42 was the average age of officers dying by suicide
16 years was the average time on the job for officers committing suicide.

A male inmate perhaps won’t seek assistance fearing it will impact their reputation. Inmates and officers might be on opposite sides of the law, but have a similar cause of death. Shame and the fear of being off the job impede many officers from seeking help. Both inmates and police officers are vulnerable to PTSD and depression due to their daily environment.

Mrs. Natasha, who was incarcerated for more than 50 times shares her experience with Pr. Damien on the Showdown of Faith-UBB Moment:

Police and Prisoners, battling the same fight.One of the worst things I saw in prison was somebody dying. It Itas very traumatizing. It hurt me to actually have experienced something like that. There is a lot of violence and drugs inside of prison just like it’s on the streets.  I’ve been taking drugs for forty-eight years and now I’m clean. I have been out of jail for four years and have not taken any drugs ever since.


From forty-eight years, she has been free for four. What about you, what are you going to do next? You’ve got to do your part so you don’t keep going back concluded Pastor, Damien during the Universal Beyond Bars (UBB) Moment.


Police and Prisoners, battling the same fight.




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