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Great financial life ≠ happy marriage2 min read

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According to a survey from Ramsey Solutions, money is the second leading cause of divorce, behind infidelity. If both have high levels of debt and lack communication, these will add stress and anxiety around their household finance. A study was created for over 1,000 U.S adults in order to watch finance behavior and attitudes in addition to the communication about money in their household.

Great financial life ≠ happy marriage

Many people agree that when both couples eliminate debt, true peace of mind happens is experienced like never before. Financially speaking, yes. Imagine you are debt-free! Now, every payment you were making can be utilized for things you’ve been wanting to do or invest in. In the financial aspect, this is true, but in a relationship as a whole, money is not synonymous to a happy universal marriage. Lots of money or the lack of it does not make a happy or unhappy marriage. There are couples who are happy in a shack and there are others who are unhappy even if they live in a palace.

What makes a happy universal marriage are the things that do not cost any money for example; Respect, time, attention, appreciation, forgiveness, sacrifice, faithfulness, and affection. None of these are for sale.

Renato Cardoso a family and marriage counselor, shares his thoughts about happy relationships:

If you want to have a happy universal marriage, understand these basic truths about human beings (your spouse is one)

All human beings have needs and wishes. Needs should be met before wishes. Once fulfilled, wishes become very important.

Start by asking: What does my spouse need from me?” If the answer isn’t so obvious to ask him/her. Then, fulfill their every need. Later, ask yourself. “What is it my wife/husband wants that I can I begin to fulfill?

Don’t think that wishes and wants are necessarily expensive or idyllic. Your spouse can have a simple wish which doesn’t cost you anything, just a little effort. Most of the time needs require much more to be realized than wants and wishes. What’s harder, for example, to work the entire month to pay the bills or to dance to that romantic song with her like she’s always asking?

Supplying the needs of your spouse, you will sustain your marriage. Fulfilling their wishes will make the two of you one of the happiest couples in the world. Ignoring both is the fastest way to a divorce. Decide your destiny.


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