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You can’t hide the truth3 min read

Nothing to lose 2

The year was 1995. Dawn of October 12. What was another Record TV program “The Awakening of the Faith,” has become a trigger for negative headlines in newspapers across the country.

This happened because, during the program’s presentation, a former bishop tried to show viewers that it was flawed to put faith in idols and saints. For this he used his foot to touch sometimes an image of the holy Catholic Our Lady Aparecida. Undeniably, the repercussion was very negative and fell on the spiritual leader of the institution, Bishop Edir Macedo. Like the Bishop, all The Universal Church and its members were victims of that act.

One person’s mistake weighed on many others.

The businesswoman and member of The Universal Church Francisca Mendes recall the reaction of the people shortly after this episode:

I remember how much The Universal Church was persecuted because of a person’s attitude. We were chased on the streets because of this.

As soon as she learned of the fact, Bishop Edir Macedo was emphatic in saying that this action was a mistake, apologizing to everyone. Yet the persecution was endless.

In 2015, in an interview with journalist Roberto Cabrini, Bishop Edir Macedo spoke about what happened. He reported that the “Caso da Santa”, as the episode was known, was a “kick in the stomach”:

It was the worst thing that happened inside the work of The Universal Church. Because it is not our style to attack anyone’s religion. If we demand respect for our belief, for our faith, we must respect the belief of others.

The edited video

Another time much used by skeptics towards The Universal Church was a video in which Bishop Edir Macedo appears with other pastors counting offers made during a meeting.

The mass media used the case to attack Bishop Macedo, without bothering to tell the truth. The hairdresser Clarice de Oliveira Correia recalls the reports of the time:

I used to go to The Universal Church when this video got repercussions. A lie! A nasty edition of the media! Because of this I suffered persecution. The press does not know what fake news can do.

You can not hide the truth.

To the News in Brazil, the director of the film Alexandre Avancini  of “Nothing to lose 2: Can not hide the truth” reveals that the episodes mentioned above will be in the feature film, as well as other remarkable cases:

“We are going to restore several videos that were presented in the press. Only this time showing the truth behind these events. In the film, the Bishop also faces many issues in his personal life, such as the loss of his mother. The fall of the cathedral in Osasco, in 1998, was also a fact that affected him a lot. In addition, we portrayed the trip to Israel and to Soweto, among other things “.

Avancini states that the film “Nothing to Lose 2” will impact the public:

It’s a very agile movie, very exciting, very engaging. He goes on to show Edir’s struggle to maintain The Universal Church and the struggle of his faithful followers, who also suffer persecution and  prejudice. Who are also beaten. I was very happy with the result and I think the public will be very moved. 

Revolutionary movie

The actor Petrônio Gontijo, who interprets Bishop Edir Macedo in the film, says that he learned a lot from experience.

“I had several lessons. The simplicity with which he deals with these matters, with which he treats people, with which he treats his own questions. This was revolutionary for me. Changed a lot in my head. It changed a lot in my way of acting. I’m sure that will excite you and that will make everyone reflect and think as well. “

Nothing to Lose 2 is coming soon to the U.S! Stay tuned for more updates.

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