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Boundaries3 min read

Boundaries3 min read

The boundaries between men and female are very confusing today.

Even so, it is necessary for a man to understand what should not be said or done in the presence of women, especially those with whom he has no intimacy, such as colleagues or clients, relatives or friends of his spouse or even unknown. Even more so nowadays, in which often an ill-said comment can be seen as harassment or disrespect.

But be clear: nobody is telling you to be dumb and motionless in the presence of a woman in a room. After all, ignoring her is rude too. The recommendation here is to be prudent.

It is not proper for a person of God to speak vulgarities. But it is common for men to talk about sexuality, even in a healthy and respectful way. Only, if there is a woman in the group, or she is alone with you, it is wiser for this matter not to be spoken unless there is a real reason or need for it. In this case, it is usually appropriate for the person to speak to for example; someone of the same gender, such as a lecture on sexual life, psychology, or politics.

Do you think this is rude? So answer: Would you like your girlfriend, fiancee, wife, or even your sister, daughter, or other dear relative to talk about it to another guy who has no intimacy with her?… Yeah.

That funny guy can also talk “nonsense” by making certain jokes in the presence of a woman – or of her – that lead to disrespect, embarrassment or even lawsuits, as has happened with some more famous cases disclosed in the media.

And watch out for the compliments.

As much as you think a woman is well with a certain visual, with no affective or sexual interest, externalizing this can be misinterpreted. She must hear this from the man she really has a love relationship with – and if he does not say it, her compliment can put a lot of people in trouble, especially you.

This opens another question: do not force an intimacy that does not exist – and should not even to exist. Again: Would you like another man to force access to your beloved? Certain physical contacts should only be done with you. A cordial handshake serves both sexes.

Nobody knows how the other person’s self-esteem is. Who guarantees what a simple positive or negative comment will cause in the listener’s mind?

If she is in need, a simple compliment may seem like the caress she longs for. But if this happens on a day when she is suspicious, she may think that the same words constitute a type of harassment or disrespect.

Before anyone comes to polemic dispute and say that this is underestimating a woman, think well: who, in both sexes, is free to interpret something wrong according to their emotional state? Another worrisome issue is not known how third parties, seeing the scene from outside, will interpret the fact, which can give rise to gossip and misunderstandings.

Sometimes there are even “ulterior motives” in what is said or done by a man to a woman and vice versa. But what counts for all is well; respect.

Respect is what everyone likes-be it both genders.

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