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Abuse from childhood to adulthood.2 min read

Abuse from childhood to adulthood.2 min read

The main reason why I began to have depression is due to being raped from the age of three, all the way until I was eleven years old, when I moved out of the states.

At that time I was living with a relative and his wife because my mom couldn’t afford to take care of me, so I lived with them until I came out here. He would sexually abuse me. Both would physically abuse me in every way possible. They broke my shoulder and I was constantly sent to the hospital. I started to retaliate for the things that had to happen to me. I ended up taking some pills in High School which led me straight to the hospital. I believed any male that came into my life because I believed they cared about me more than my own family.

Fast-forwarding to college, I met a guy who was nice at first and made me feel happy. During this time, I thought the depression went away, but it didn’t. It was just a cover-up for what was in store for me and ended up being prostituted. I was a prostitute for about four years, in Las Vegas, LA and all over. I ended up moving to Vegas to live with the individual.

Things were still bad, I still had depression and I found out I was having twin babies. He wasn’t too happy about it and he would abuse me and mistreat me. I still had to go out on the streets to sell my body.

The depression grew worse when I carried the twins for about 39 wks and I ended up losing them. They passed away when I was giving birth. I started to go to another church, it felt like home but it still didn’t help with the depression. They never spoke about anything that had to do with depression. Until one day, my sister moved out here and a family member told her about The Univeral Church. Once I started to come, I felt more at home, I started praying more. I ended up sacrificing my life. I was baptized and felt a lot better. It was like a boulder was lifted off of my shoulders.

Abuse from childhood to adulthood.I ended up forgiving the individual who raised me at a youn age, I forgave the twins father, and I also forgave anyone who did anything wrong to me. I haven’t been depressed since. I continue to pray and just be happy. I continue to come to The Universal Church.

My name is Felicia, and I no longer suffer from depression.

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