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You hear three voices2 min read


Basically, there are three types of voices that speak in the minds of all people. However, only one of them generates certainty, leads to the extraordinary and leads the person to reach the unattainable.

In the church, for example, one hears the voice of God, because it is an environment of faith, conducive to it. But, out the door, this and two other voices will continue to talk to the human being all the time. But it is up to each one to choose which enters the ears and which is ignored.

Below, you can identify each one.

The voice of God

When the Lord speaks, it leaves no doubt. It is something so strong that, no matter how absurd it is to human eyes, within the person is born a great certainty and confidence that it will work.

“The voice of God moves, shakes anyone from head to toe. The voice of faith leaves no doubt. Moreover, every time He speaks is to lift you up and not put you down, “says Bishop Edson Costa.

The voice of man

The voice of man can be both an instrument to help and to disrupt. She is able to influence you to make the wrong decision or disappoint you. Therefore, it is necessary to learn to walk with your own legs and not depend on anyone, only the Word of God.

“Man can give you an opinion, an advice, which, instead of doing good, is bad. He may not even want to harm you, but the man is flawed. Therefore, you must learn to trust the Word of God, only it has the power to change this situation “, warns the Bishop.

The voice of the devil

Already the voice of the devil brings 100% of doubt. So it is simple to know when he or the Most High is speaking. “If the voice of God brings certainty, the voice of the devil brings doubt, which divides faith. He began in the Garden of Eden, deceiving Eve and making her touch where she should not, “Bishop Edson teaches.




*Translated and edited from  Rafaella Rizz 

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