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How to be Ugly2 min read

Pig with collar

Well, the title goes straight into the jugular, excuse me, women, but the intention here is to open your eyes to an unknown factor for many, which has ended the feminine beauty, and it is called “indiscretion.”

Solomon, one of the wisest men who ever lived, is quite straightforward about it in Proverbs 11.22:

“Like a jewel of gold on the muzzle of a sow, so is the fair woman who has no discretion.”

Discretion means “state or quality of one who is discreet and does not draw attention. Ability to distinguish right from wrong; discernment; sensible Characteristic of who is demure; who has modesty. Quality of someone who does not spread the secrets of others. Prudence.”

Unfortunately, many women have no idea of the size of what indiscretion is capable of doing with their looks and reputation. Being discreet refers not only to privacy, not exposing intimacy, or not talking about everything you have seen or heard. Discretion is much more than that.

Beauty does not match the scandal, shack, and hysteria that come with indiscretion. Therefore, when a woman makes a point of laughing and talking loudly or dressing with the intention of attracting glances. Those extra hours fixing herself at home or going to the beauty salon go to waist. She transforms into an ugly person.

If you could take a picture of yourself cursing at someone, would you post it to others to see? I doubt it! Yes, and who has watched this whole scene and cannot delete it from your mind?

The indiscreet woman wants to draw attention, while attention is something to be won and not forced.

When a woman is discreet, she naturally wins the look of admiration of all. And not because she had this intention or physical beauty simply, but because of her grace, elegance and femininity. These qualities come with female discretion. Femininity, which is so out of fashion these days.

As a ring of gold in a swine’s snout,
So is a lovely woman who lacks discretion. – Proverbs 11:22

The message she passes is like, “I do not value myself,” “I respect no one,” “I do not respect myself,” “look at me, for God’s sake,” “I need your attention.” The kind of beauty that self-regulates with indiscretion.

Discretion, however, embellishes your exterior, your relationships, and even your way of seeing yourself. It is worth investing in it!

In faith.


Translated and edited from Cristiane Cardoso’s Blog

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