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A pattern of death3 min read

A pattern of death3 min read

My name is Catherine Charles, and this is my story.

After four of my family members died, I became very depressed. For four years straight, one family member died each year. My mother was the last to die, and when this happened, I fell into depression. It was so stressful because I was usually the one taking care of my family, and now, I was burring all of them.


I didn’t know what was going on; they told me my brothers died from sickle cell disease. I don’t believe my mother died from that. I remember crying every day. I thought I was the next to die. I remember my brother and I asking ourselves who would be the next to go. The depression was so bad; I could not eat, drink, or sleep. At the job, I was okay, but as soon as I got home, I would get depressed. I didn’t like answering the phone because every time it was terrible news. I did the same with my doctor’s appointment. I didn’t go to avoid any bad news. Due to this, the rest of my family and I were not united.

Since it happened every year, I didn’t know what to do. I started to feel sick, and my knees began to swell. The problems were so many that I became stressed, depressed, and I lost 45 pounds in two months. The doctor asked me if I was doing it to lose weight or on purpose. He asked me if I wanted to die because I was not eating.

Financial life

All the money I had to do my business was used to bury all of my family. I thought there was no solution. I couldn’t pay my bills, my credit card, I became bitter and upset all the time. I prayed to God, and I said to Him, “If I have to go, just take me while I’m sleeping”. I was fed up on life. So I thought that instead of living life and suffering, why not stay asleep and not wake up the next day.


Depression brought a toll on my body and I began to have many health issues. I couldn’t swallow water because of depression, and I believed I would die. I started to get sick. I had problems in my knee and underwent a bone biopsy. The doctors found proteins in my blood, which can create cancer. I needed surgery because they said I had fluid in my knee. I didn’t do the surgery, nor anything for my blood. They also told me I had high cholesterol. Afterward, they told me I no longer had a problem in my blood. However, I was still feeling sick.

I tried talking to people, and no one could give me the right answer.

So I said to myself, why should I live?

I knew I was going to die eventually… That same night I was going through the channels when I watched Bishop Bira on the Showdown of Faith. I was going through the same thing he was speaking about, and I told myself that I wanted to come to the church. I went to The Universal Church and received a great message.


A pattern of deathI asked God to help my family come together and also to help me in my financial life. Within a month after a campaign, my dream came true. Everybody in my family is working. My economic life is blessed. Today, if I choose not to work, I don’t have to. Everything worked out for me because everything they told me to do I did. After the campaign, the Fast of Daniel came and I received the Holy Spirit.

Today, I don’t have any cholesterol problems, blood problems, nor take medications. I no longer need surgery and I definitely don’t have depression. All of my family gets along together. We are all united and happy.

For people that say “The Universal Church is not for me,” come, it’s for you. Had I not believed and went to this ministry, today I would be a dead person. So go and get the same blessing I received.

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