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Are you also a Christian at work?3 min read

Are you also a Christian at work?3 min read

Many want professional success, both bosses and employees, and take the right path: they ask God’s blessings on this area of life. In the Church, they are obedient, sacrifice on the altar, tithes back assiduously and attend meetings and lectures on the subject. But what about work? Are you still Christians?

Do your attitudes bear good testimony to colleagues, other officials, and even your superiors?

Some even begin in the correct trajectory mentioned above, but unfortunately, during the workday, they foul the image of the proper profile that is expected of a Christian.

It is not enough just to ask for the blessings. God blesses a person to know that he will shoulder the conquest in a responsible way and take care of it in an intelligent way, so that this success is something constructive in his life. But what if He does not feel steadfast in this person because of her attitudes?

For example: someone wants to be promoted in a company but has difficulty being humble. Will God open the door for him to continue to behave in the same way and harm the whole company? Certainly not. The individual may one day achieve promotion by his human merits, but he will not come from God nor will he have the cover of Him. And who does not adequately fulfill their obligations by “curling” in the bathroom or chatting during coffee? The same will happen because the Most High understands that those who do not know how to obey also do not serve to command.

Therefore, it is not enough to be a good Christian within the Church and not to bear good witness outside it, especially at work, where we spend most of our day. God did not just give him the church to attend, but gave him a complete life. Therefore, it is necessary to be faithful to Him in all aspects of it. Check below for some inappropriate attitudes.

“The ‘Christian’ salesman, for example, aims to make money for himself and his family. Faced with this, he owes obligations to the boss, to the family, to himself and, finally, to the religious denomination. But if he truly and truly is God’s servant, he must first serve the Lord of his soul. He not only returns tithing to God, but it is the Tithing of the Lord himself in his home, in his work and in his Church, “says Bishop Edir Macedo.

“It is God’s will that we carry out our tasks. Deferring your life is a sign of low self-esteem, insecurity, irresponsibility, weakness, doubt, confusion, depression, disorganization and, consequently, not being of God, “says presenter Cristiane Cardoso on the procrastinator.

“Usually, workplaces are the places where gossip spreads most. You may have heard the famous expressions ‘newsmonger’ or ‘blabbermouth’. While gossip is unnecessary, it takes time and destroys reputations, information is important. They cooperate and protect a company, family or a friendship and whoever has them should not shy away from talking, “recommends the writer Núbia Siqueira.

Who does not know that boss or the boss knows everything (according to himself)? It devalues and discourages colleagues and employees. “Sometimes our arrogance makes us blind. How often do we criticize the actions of others, demand behavioral change in the people who live near us, when, in fact, are we supposed to change our course? “Asks writer Nanda Bezerra.

Many curse someone who succeeds and disregards their effort, but they do not think of the evil and the delay they attract to themselves with this attitude, warns Bishop Edir Macedo. “We spend a lot of time evaluating how much the envious is capable of causing harm to envy. But we remain unaware of the damage that this plague causes the envious man himself, who is certainly the most harmed in all this. That’s because it’s impossible for anyone not to reap what he has planted. “

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