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Years of Hatred2 min read

Years of Hatred2 min read

Jessica grew up with hatred in her heart for many years. Until one day she decided it was enough, she was seeking a transformation. Learn how Jessica was able to find peace after a traumatic experience.

When I was a little girl, I remember walking back home from school. The school was a short distance from my house. Going towards my house there was a little alley. One day, I remember a random guy called me from the alley. From far away, I didn’t know who it was but as I got closer, I realized it was a family member. He then grabbed me, tied me up and abused me. That night I arrived home and I was taken to the hospital.

Because of this, I grew up with hate so strong, that I wanted revenge. I wanted to kill the person who did that to me. As the years passed by, I grew up with even more hate and I had a plan in mind; I was going to make him suffer.

The anger consumed me to the extent of having so many bad thoughts. On top of the hatred, my dad went on vacation with my little brother to his country and he got kidnapped.

I remember a co-worker telling me to come to church. I didn’t want to go, but I knew I needed a solution to my problems. I realized that I had left God and without him I was nothing.

I started paying attention when the pastor would speak about the Holy Spirit. I wanted to change from the inside. I wanted to forgive, but I couldn’t do it by myself. I needed help.

I got help from the pastors, assistants, the pastor’s wives and I remember receiving the Holy Spirit on one night Vigil. It’s something that words cannot explain. The joy that I had inside of me, and the peace… everything inside of me changed for good. My father is no longer kidnapped. He’s back with my family, together. We are healthy and financially stable. I have joy, peace, and everything I’ve ever wanted.

Years of HatredIf you really want to get baptized with the Holy Spirit, you have to let everything out. Let God know how you feel, what your thoughts are. Let Him know everything you have inside. That’s what I did, I opened up, I cried and I said. “God, I don’t want to be the same person, I don’t want to keep living this way, I want to be transformed. I want to be born again”. I was so sincere with Him, that I started to talk about everything that came to my mind; the anger, my thoughts, and everything else. I basically layed everything out.

After that, I felt a relief I’ve never felt before.

I encourage you to do the same thing, to open up and be sincere with God.



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