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The ultimate price for beauty3 min read


Nowadays, many women go through dangerous procedures for the sake of “beauty”. It seems what was considered a top beauty routine a few years ago, is not enough, and everything is requiring a needle. For example, eyebrow tattoos and microblading. Facials that are healthy for your skin are not enough for many, what’s trendy are your famous “Vampire facials”.

As you know media and celebrities have the platform to influence many people with whatever it is they’re doing, and beauty is undoubtedly the most followed. One of these trendsetters is Kim Kardashian, who received over 1 million likes on a photo she shared after a “Vampire Facial”. Although she shared how the procedure is not for her, the trend began.

There are healthy beauty trends such as; sheet masks that have fruit extracts, powders that contain probiotics or probiotic-infused skin care products and so on. Like any product or beauty treatment, first and foremost do your research.

Price of beauty

In 2018 a spa called the ‘VIP Spa’ in New Mexico was closed due to a failed DOH inspection after one client developed an infection from a procedure. Now, according to KOB4, the department of health in New Mexico is encouraging all former clients from ‘VIP Spa’ to undergo an Immunodeficiency virus or HIV test.

Recently, two previous clients from the ‘VIP Spa’  location were confirmed to have contracted the virus. The procedure in question is the “Vampire Facial”, a treatment that injects a person’s own blood into their face to improve skin health.

This does not mean that all “Vampire Facial” treatments run this risk. However, it’s better to do all the research possible before deciding to do anything for that matter that involves needles.

Ask many questions before deciding to do any type of treatment for that matter. And by all means, before deciding to do something “extra” ask yourself the following questions:

Have I done the necessary research?
• What are the steps to this procedure?
Is there a natural alternative?
 What are the risks?
• Do I need it, or am I doing it to be noticed by others?
• How do they keep their equipment?

Beauty is hidden inside

Who was not impressed at first sight with the beauty of someone, but, after a few minutes of conversation, quickly noticed that the person was not what he expected? However, on the other hand, there are people who at first glance do not call attention to the outside or arouse much interest, but, in a simple conversation, can change our opinion. Their beauty, which until then was not noticed, becomes evident.

The writer and conductor Cristiane Cardoso points out that true beauty is one in which you can invest and take advantage of it, but not only for a few years but a lifetime.

Inner beauty does not age; it just tends to be prettier, more pleasant and more attractive. She does not become something ugly over time and will not be a burden to you when you grow old, she says.

The outer beauty is only a reflection of what is inside, take care of its appearance, but do not make it its priority, since its value is beyond what the eyes can see.


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