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My father was a preacher and a warlock2 min read


TerryMy name is Terry, and I grew up in a church where my father was a pastor.

Around the age of sixteen, I started to have many nightmares and demonic forces coming against me during the night. My mother and father were no longer together and my mother told me that my father was a warlock, and dealt with witchcraft. I didn’t believe it because I was young. As years passed by I would notice my father doing strange things like; lighting up candles, writing on paper and burying it. I didn’t quite understand why he did these things despite what my mother had told me about him being a warlock, I still didn’t believe her.

Things kept happening to me. I couldn’t move forward in life, almost as if there was a block in my life. I called my father and he told me to light a candle and write on a paper whatever I wanted. I don’t know what happened, but everything that I wrote on that paper came to pass. So I started to think it was a spirit. Although it came to pass,  throughout the years, everything started to become even worse.

It was like a domino effect. I separated from my husband, they tried to take my child away from me, and this is when I started to seek for many churches trying to find help but nothing happened.

They basically thought I was crazy.

I then realized I needed deliverance, so I started searching online for deliverance. I always had my channel on BET and one day as I woke up, The Showdown of Faith was on talking about deliverance. I got very excited, and I couldn’t wait to go.

As soon as I entered The Univeral Church for the first day, I felt peace and I actually received my deliverance. After they prayed for me I felt so free. So I said, this is real.

My life was broken and cursed but after using my faith, today I am free.


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