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Breaking the chain of addictions2 min read

Breaking the chain

Break the chain of family problems that have been present in your life for as long as you can remember. It has been present in your grandparent’s life, your parents, and now, you are seeing your children having the same problem.

You know when something else is at work when you have a long list of family members with the same issue you are facing. Have you ever questioned yourself “Why me”? Some people call it bad luck while others use the phrase “That’s just life”, and consequently accept the situation. It feels as if you were cursed.

You can put a stop to the recurring chain of events. Make a chain of prayer today.

Ms. Bertha had to break free from the cursed situation in her family.

My Grandmother, mother, brothers, and sisters also have diabetes. Two of my kids also have diabetes. My mother was an alcoholic, and I started to drink at the age of 13. My brother actually died due to alcohol and most of my brothers and sisters were alcoholics as well. Whenever my kids visited me, they would also drink. My mother use to hit us, and she would beat us for every little thing we did. When I had my kids, I followed the same pattern as my mother. When my kids started to have kids, they did the same.

Depression, anger, alcohol, insomnia, diabetes, and depression were a part of our lives.

I had all of the above, and so did my kids.

When I started a chain of prayer, within a week, I started to see the results.
The first change I saw was in my sleep. I started to have peace inside of me and I began to feel stronger. I because coming on Fridays, and on Wednesdays. Around six months, I left stopped consuming alcohol completely. Due to my blood pressure and diabetes, I was taking about twelve pills daily. The doctor told me I no longer needed them. I no longer suffer from fits of rage. Regardless where I was, I would find somebody to fight with.

Today I’m free from rage, depression, diabetes, alcoholism, and insomnia.

If you are going through any of these problems that I’ve mentioned, come and do the chain of prayer and the same that happened to me can happen to you.

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