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Conquering and keeping Salvation2 min read

Conquering and keeping Salvation2 min read

Who reads the Bible or accompanies the novel Jesus can perceive the real mission of the Messiah when coming to Earth. He lived to do the will of God and therefore he was subjected to all sorts of sacrifices. He suffered in our place, He humbled himself in the dress of a body subject to human needs.

He left the example that every son of Him should imitate. But, unfortunately, what we see among those who call themselves servants of the Most High is the opposite. Many are falling into temptation, letting themselves be led by the inclinations of the flesh and serving God with all their life.

Bishop Edir Macedo addressed the issue during the meeting with the workers in the Temple of Solomon. During the meeting, he explained what is expected of every child of God in this world.

“For to me to live is Christ, and to die is gained.” Philippians 1:21

“The apostle Paul means that whatever Jesus lived, we have to live as well. We sacrifice for Him, just as He sacrificed Himself for us. The life of the worker works according to his faith and his thinking must be directed to the things of God, to rescue those who are in the grip of evil, “he said.

For this, the servant of the Most High must leave his anxiety for the material conquests, for this poses a great risk to Salvation itself.

“There is nothing wrong with fighting for family, financial life, sentimental, etc. The problem is that, in the fissure of realizing those dreams, the person leans toward what the world offers. She is so glazed in these things that, little by little, she leaves God aside to serve herself. It is there that she falls into sin, is subject to the attacks of Satan and the irreparable loss of Salvation, “he explained.

Take cover

Conquering and keeping SalvationTo remain vigilant and focused on the things of the Kingdom of God is the way to let faith and Salvation be protected from the attacks of evil and self-indulgence. “To overcome my flesh, my desires and this world, I have to fight, consecrate my life and serve Jesus. As I serve Him, I am active and He protects me. But if by chance I take a ‘leave to rest’, the attacks begin, “said the Bishop.

Conquering and keeping Salvation are the hardest things, so everyone must be careful in this area. Do not enter into the spiritual comfort zone, multiply your salvation, help people, and strive not to fall into self-indulgence.

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