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3 Day Crusade3 min read

3 Holy days

The Universal Church will have a 3 Days Crusade; a movement where you will use your faith in order to change your life! The three day Crusade will take place on Palm Sunday- April the 14th, Good Friday- April the 19th and on Easter Sunday, April the 21st.

These 3 Holy days will be for those who have been overthrown by problems such as:

• Relationship disappointments
• Addictions
• Financial instability
• Family breakdowns
• lack of self-confidence

  And for anyone whose life has fallen apart and wants to be lifted.  Jesus answered and said to them;

“Destroy this temple, and in three days I will raise it up… But He was speaking of the temple of His body.” John 2:19

Day 1) April 14thPalm Sunday at 10 am

Palm Sunday

The Triumphal Entry of Jesus occurred a week before His Resurrection. Jesus arrived in Jerusalem on a donkey, the people feasting, threw their cloaks before Him, as well as small branches of trees. In this event, the Lord is honored as “Prince of Peace”, deserving of great honor.

*For this reason, you will bring a palm branch with you to be blessed.

Day 2) April 19th, Good Friday at 8 am 4pm and 7pm
This day you will receive a cross that represents Jesus’s sacrifice and the end of all your problems.

Good Friday

B.C. means “before Christ.” A.D. is Latin for Anno Domino which means “year of our Lord” or “in the year of our Lord.” The focal point of time itself is centered on the birth of ChristChrist and is the dividing point of time in world history. Jesus’ time made a great impact on world history.

Just as the world had a ‘before’ and ‘after’ your life will be the same. This Good Friday, exchange your old life to a new one. What Jesus did on the cross will change your life. The greatest transition from the BEFORE to the AFTER in your life will take place in this great event.

You will take a powerful stance. You will draw a line between you and any negativity, determining that, from that day on, you will put an end to anything that has held you back.

Day 3) April 21st, Easter Sunday DAY OF RESURRECTION 10 am & 6 pm
The peace of God will enter you, the lives of your family, and by faith, God will raise up your life and rebuild it!

*Bring a bed sheet to be anointed

Easter Sunday

The reason why the Lord Jesus resurrected, was to make Divine Justice prevail in the life of all those who believe in Him, overcoming in this life the problems, persecutions, tribulations, temptation, reaching their objectives and realizing his dreams to glorify God with their lives.

On this day you will determine the start of a new calendar in your life. It will mark the day that you start to experience great things happening for you. All those dreams that you wanted to achieve will start to fall into place. Those problems which cursed your life for many years will be a thing of the past. 

*Times may vary depending on location, please contact The Universal Church nearest you.

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