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Do you know what’s an Ezer-Kenegdo?2 min read

woman on the beach

Ezer- Kenegdo

The Hebrew term used to describe this woman is Ezer-kenegdo. Ezer means to help and to save. In many parts of the Bible, the expression is used to refer to God coming to the rescue of humankind. Already Kenegdo refers to someone reliable, who will be with us in the battle, who will be there to change, invest, protect and improve. It is not an inferior being, but a warrior. Ezer- Kenegdo is very powerful.

This woman is more than a companion, she is ahead of the man to see what he can not see and help him do what he could not accomplish alone.

What is being a helper?

The woman is not only there to assist her husband in day-to-day chores: “The woman is at home to help the husband, to support him when he is right and to disagree when he is wrong. She is Ezer-Kenegdo.

There is a lack of understanding many have of themselves and the balance that God has given them to play such an important role. The world is unaware of this role and sometimes even you, reader, did not know this woman who helps, but NOT inferior.

Women need to know their value. For this, it is necessary that they evaluate what is in their interior and solve any question since the problem is not solved working outside. When this woman finds out who she is, she understands that she is not in the world to compete with the man but to be with her.  And being Ezer- Kenegdo is a very important way for women to approach God and do what the Lord says.

We have difficult days. The world dictates various norms and most still think it is doing the right thing. The female audience has been the biggest victim of these rules. Fashion tells what woman should wear; the plastic says the face and body she should have and that she can be empowered and do what she wants. It is sad to see the creation of God being treated as a product. However, the worse part is the woman that does not understand her real value is even worse.

Nowadays many women rely on material things, positions, or titles for strength. However, women of faith who have or don’t have any positions etc. will remain strong. Why? because their strength comes from God, and what keeps them going no matter what is His Spirit. Though the Holy Spirit, there is no room for depression, anxiety, nor lack of self-worth.

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