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An acolyte with a destroyed life2 min read

An acolyte with a destroyed life2 min read

My name is Rasha, and before coming to The Universal Church, my life was filled with destruction.

At a young age, I was molested by a former family friend, which caused a big ripple in my life. It started to cause depression and as I grew older and I wanted to commit suicide. When I was twelve years old, my teacher found out I wanted to commit suicide and through my teacher, my mother was able to find out.

I appeared to look fine and happy, but deep down I was filled with darkness. I didn’t want to live anymore, I didn’t love life. I blamed God because I was going to church, participating as an acolyte but my life was not great. I was constantly being bullied throughout my whole life because of my skin complexion which caused me to have low self-esteem. Even when people would start telling me “Oh you are beautiful”, I would never accept it and I would respond, “No, you are lying to me”.

As I got older, I moved out of my parent’s house and I ended up moving to another state. This is when the real problems began. I started to indulge in parting. Since I was never allowed, I thought it was okay for me to start going out. I use to party almost every single night. I use to drink every night as well because I wasn’t happy. I thought that drinking every night was going to make me happy but it made me feel even worse because after I finished drinking and smoking, I would throw up and feel even worse than how I did before.

I’m done…

I literally kept a knife next to me while contemplating ending my life. Later, I lost my job, ended up being homeless and embarrassed. I was so prideful that I refused to ask my parents for help. I isolated myself from my family and everyone else. I became hard-headed, pride got the best of me and I became even more disrespectful.

An acolyte with a destroyed lifeSince coming to The Universal Church my life has changed dramatically in my house, my job and deep within inside. I no longer feel the need to drink nor smoke. I no longer have that urge to commit suicide because there is more to life now than what I realized. I can be by myself and be okay with that because I know I have the Holy Spirit. I don’t need to be around people to make me happy. Coming to The Universal Church is one of the best decisions that I’ve made in my whole life because I’ve learned to use my faith.

I know there are so many people going through the same situation and think there is no way out. I thought the same thing, that the only solution was for me to end my life, but I’m here to tell you that I’m still alive. I found a better place, a better version of me.

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