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UBB in Luther Unit, Grimes County Texas2 min read

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Pastor Quincy Leith together with Pastor Nathaniel held a Showdown of Faith at the Luther Unit in Grimes County Texas where 130 men were present.

“How many of you planned to be in prison when you were just in high school? Raise your hand. None, you want to know why? Because you were born for great things” – Pastor, Quincy.

pr NathanielWhenever you are born, God’s plan for you is nothing but great things. He sees you as a great husband, son and He wants you to have a great life and much more. Along the way, people see themselves differently. If you see yourself contrary to how God sees you, as a; criminal, a drug dealer, a murderer, rapist, etc., then it means your thoughts are not coming from God.

Strong prayers were made to be free from all negative thoughts and everything that has caused them to be behind bars today.

God is the judge of all judges – Pr. Nathaniel.

Pr. Nathaniel prayed for their family, marriage, and future court cases at Luther Unit. Although a situation might look impossible, nothing is impossible through faith Pr. Nathaniel explains. Although everyone wants to leave, not everyone is ready. You must start seeing yourself how God sees you and not how any negative thought makes you feel you are. Otherwise once released, they will return to their usual ways.

Working within yourself is essential. However, we cannot forget about our family. Family and friends that visit a prison facility drive many hours to come. Even if you don’t receive any visits, still pray for them because you don’t know what they might be going through. Pastor Nathaniel concluded the service by making a strong prayer against all obstacles in their case and the challenges they are facing. Before the end of the month, something has to happen, added Pr. Nathaniel at Luther Unit.


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