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UniSocial in the Canauanim Community1 min read

UniSocial in the Canauanim Community1 min read

On February the 17th, one hundred and fifty indigenous children had the opportunity to consult with dentists in the state of Roraima. They are from the Canauanim Community, located 30 km from the capital, Boa Vista. In addition to this assistance, 700 villagers received snacks, basic food baskets, medical consultations, and legal assistance.

The initiative came from volunteer professionals of the Unisocial program, a support group for needy communities. Dentists performed fluoride application and taught children how to properly brush teeth, preventing diseases such as caries from appearing.UniSocial in the Canauanim Community

After the dental care, the children participated in a lecture given by the dental surgeon, Carlene Bernardes, where they had the opportunity to learn about the importance of maintaining oral health.

Although the community is close to Boa Vista, public transportation in the region is precarious and, thus, the villagers have great difficulty receiving dental care.

Carlene says that the Indians had the habit of feeding themselves primarily on raw vegetables and vegetables, which helped to clean the teeth naturally, avoiding dental problems such as caries.

UniSocial in the Canauanim Community“Nowadays, to the diet of an Indian, especially of children, are added high doses of sugar, fat and artificial additives. These foods contribute significantly to affecting oral health, “the dentist explained.

Food donations for Canauanim

Ailton Duarte, head of the Roraima Uniscial, says that since the income of the Indians is minimal, food donations are also vital, especially for families with small children. “Some live on artisanal work, and the vast majority live only on donations,” Ailton said.

The social program takes donations to the village every three months.

To help the Canauanim Community, donations are delivered to the local Universal Church, located at Avenida Sebastião Diniz, 1201 – Centro – Boa Vista, RR.

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