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15 years of depression2 min read

15 years of depression2 min read

My name is Gigi and I was depressed for fifteen years.

Throughout the depression, I couldn’t go to my family because my family was not getting along. I felt like I was the black sheep of the family. I wasn’t welcomed, and I was isolated. I didn’t want to open up to anybody. I was a very bitter person and always walked around with an angry face.

I was introduced to alcohol by some friends or at least I thought they were friends. I started to consume alcohol as a scapegoat to numb me.

I kept on going harder on alcohol to the point where I knew how to mix drinks. After a while I was passing out, people were spiking my drinks, I was all over the world. At this point, I no longer had money for alcohol and I was asking friends for money.

Suicidal thought started to come to mind. I thought about how I was going to do it and finally get over my anger. I didn’t have anybody to speak to. I had sisters but I didn’t have any communication with them. I didn’t have anybody to vent to and I held on to that anger for years. As a result, it made me a bitter hateful person. Where I didn’t take any nonsense from men, women, kids, I just said what I felt.

15 years of depression

I wasn’t sleeping nor eating the only thing I wanted to do is be by myself. Once near a train station, I received a flyer. It was an invitation to come to one of the meetings in The Universal Church. I couldn’t care less about the flyer, but for some reason, I held on to it.

One night I happened to see the same church on Television, so I decided to come. The first time I came to the service, I had a one-on-one consultation with a pastor. During the service, all of the weight that I had on my shoulders was gone. After that, I made sure I was in every service, every evening. All the counseling and chain of prayers, it was better than you can imagine.

Now, my father and I have the best relationship, my sister and I are wonderful. I am calm and above all I have peace. I’ve been 36 years on this earth and I haven’t felt so much relief nor calm as I feel today.

After 15 years of depression, I am free. No more anger, nor anxiety, and most importantly, I have peace.

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