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Do you want to give up?4 min read

Give Up

When things get complicated, many choose to give up. However, the main characteristic of an overcomer is that he never gives up, no matter what happens.”Why does someone give up their marriage or their job? Because he does not trust anymore. For that person, it is no longer worth investing in something he does not trust. Perseverance is related to trust. When you trust in God and in yourself, you do not give up and do everything you need to see the result you expect,” explains J. Edington, a specialist in financial issues. In addition, he also says that when you persevere, you realize your dreams. “If everyone thinks things are going to go wrong, you have to think you’re going to get it right. If everyone thinks that nothing is going to happen, you have to continue to believe that it will happen. It is not a simple positive thought, but you have to use your faith,” he says.

He also advises:

“Instead of wanting the job or your studies to end quickly in order to relax and have fun, stay a little longer. Practice a little more and you will have a better result. Attend another class, call another client, read a chapter or another article, walk a little more, finish one more report.”

A clear example of this is the Olympic medalist Peter Vidmar who, in 1984, took the American gymnastics team to his first gold medal. The difference between his performance and that of his competitors was minuscule, only a few tenths of a second. Why? When everyone finished training, he followed 15 minutes more, that extra gave him the advantage for victory.


CarlosMy name is Carlos. Before I came to the Universal Church I was a loser, weak in all areas of my life from the spiritual, financial, health to the sentimental life. I grew up without knowing my father and my mother. I just knew her when I was 20 years old. I suffered a lot in my life to the point that I didn’t have anything to eat. I remember that I used to go to sleep hungry and I would have stomach pain. This happened several times.

When I moved to another state, I moved expecting to have a better life but the only place I found was a slum, inside of a shack that didn’t have space enough to have a small bed. It didn’t have a bathroom. I remember when it rained the shack would be flooded and would smell so bad. I lived in this situation for 3 years – suffering humiliation and shame. I used to feel very inferior due to the fact that I didn’t know how to read and write. Even at the end of the year I didn’t have money to buy new clothes and I used to ask my cousins to give me some of their clothes and shoes. I was very sick.

I couldn’t sleep during the night. I had a back problem, sinusitis, and I was always going to the hospital. I was considered a lost case. I found out about the church after watching a testimony on the tv. I remember that the Bishop was calling all those who were suffering to come to church. I kept watching it and even the Blessed Water that he said to drink I drank and from that day on I felt much better. Even though I was living in misery I used to speak bad things about the church. The next day I came to church and I told myself I will obey what that man is talking about.

There was a campaign of faith going on and even though I didn’t have any money I took that envelope and build my offering. I fulfilled it and God blessed me with a job, but that was not enough. I used my faith, doing my chain of prayers and things started getting better in my life. God opened the doors for me and I found an empty store that was for sale and even without the money I went there to sign the contract. I was not expecting to get that automobile store. God blessed me so much that I didn’t have space to fit the cars inside. Today I am a businessman. I bought another big space available to fit more than 50 cars, my own office, with a lobby, and a food court.

I got married and I am very happy with my wife. I used to wash dishes in a restaurant and now I go there to eat with my wife. We have our own house worth $200 thousand dollars, with 4 bathrooms, garage etc. Today our lives are on the altar and we live to serve God.

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